Sports Nutrition

Increase your competitive edge with specific and tailored advice

If you want to increase your competitive edge then Southwood Nutrition can help. Advice given will be evidence based and tailored to your own specific requirements.

Your diet and approach to food not only affects your health but also your performance in sport. A well-planned nutrition strategy is crucial for fuelling effectively, promoting efficient recovery between training sessions, reducing the risk of illness and over-training and helping you to achieve your peak performance. Any sport specific nutrition strategy should be underpinned by a healthy approach to food, a balanced diet and proper hydration.


We can offer sport specific advice for...

  • Novice and elite athletes
  • Clubs and teams
  • One to one or group sessions


We are able to see you at home, in clinic in Tunbridge Wells,

or at your sports club or training venue.


Skype, email and telephone consultations also available.

Contact Us for treatment options and prices.

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